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Hi, I'm Mr Hunte


Mr Hunte:
"Why did you create a website?"

During my early teaching career I encountered a student named Verita. She challenged me like no other student did. Many times during class she would be found sitting in class like she had no work to do though I had set class work. Verita always finished the class work well before the expected time and I could tell that she was bored and unchallegned. She was an exceptional student who was suffering in the class simply becasue the pace that the class was being going at was too slow for her.

What is there was a way for her to work at her own pace and still allow the rest of the class to work at their own pace? This is when I experimented with various options and decided upon what I later learnt was called the FLIPPED CLASSROOM. 

Through the use of videos and other materials students could work at their own pace and ultimately achieve mastery of the content. Sadly I didn't get the oppurtunity to try this new approach but many others have benefited from my experience with her which led to the creation of this website. 

Mr Hunte:
"Were you always good at Math?"

I was once a student just like many of you. I struggled with Mathematics for the first two (2) years of my secondary school life. In Third Form my teacher, Dr Sargeant, taught Mathematics in a unique way which allowed me to successfully learn the subject which I was passionate about. Her teaching enabled me to thrive in an area which I would eventually pursue as a career. Therefore, I have successfully completed CXC's CSEC General Mathematics and CAPE Pure Mathematics Units 1 and 2 before obtaining a degree in Economics and Mathematics.

Your story will be different from mine but both of us desire the same result. SUCCESS!!!

I know that for many students Mathematics can be a struggle. I am therefore here to offer assistance in making the learning of Mathematics a little easier. 

Mr Hunte:
"What year levels do you teach?"

During my teaching career which has spanned over 10 years I have taught all year levels at secondary school. 





I also teach ​SAT MATHEMATICS privately for senior students who are desirous of attending universities in the United States and Canada.

Mr Hunte:
"What are some of your greatest teaching accomplishments?"

Stem Embassy

Developing students who are passionate about Mathematics and who are eager to be in Math class will always top my list but here are some other achievements that are dear to me.


Though not directly related to the teaching of Mathematics, I must mention that being the faculty advisor for the Inter School Christian Fellowship is indeed among my top achievements. Helping young people to "Know Christ and make Him known" is a great privilege.

Mr Hunte:
"What are your hobbies?"


Crumpton Street

(246) 845-5076

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