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Form 4 (2023-2024)



In Mr Hunte's classroom the majority of class time is not dominanted by the teacher but by students being actively engaged in the learning process. Students spend the large proportion of their time solving problems in order to deepen their knowledge of the content.

The main focus of the teacher is to create an environment for students to learn.






“Thank you for guiding me throughout the term and helping my math marks increase"

Cristian Amos (2022-2023)

Class Highlights

Student of the Week

Week 1 - Cherina Guo 
Week 2 - Benjamin Cadogan


Over the years, I have utilised the FLIPPED CLASSROOM Model with much success. While I was doing my teacher training, one of the instructors asked the class a very thought provoking question that has stuck with me a decade later. He asked, "If I gave each of you a salt bread to each, would you all finish at the same time?" With certainity the class retorted, "Of course not!" 

Sadly, in a traditional classroom this obvious and logical principle is usual not adhered to. All students in a class, to some extent, are expected to assimilate the learning material at the same pace. For many this unreasonable expectation can be quite frustrating. 

The Flipped classroom does NOT eliminate this problem but it is a step in the right direction.

JOIN ME this year as we utilise the FLIPPED CLASSROOM Model.


MONDAY: Periods 5&6

TUESDAY: Period 7

FRIDAY: Periods 1&2


  • A good mindset.

  • A Geometry Set.

  • A good scientific calculator. Textbook display calculators such as the Casio fx300ES-PLUS are recommended.

  • A graph book. (Only required for those students who do not have the required workbook.)

Casio Calculator 1.jpeg

Mathematics in the Fourth Form Year places significant emphasis on preparing students to sit the CXC CSEC General Mathematics Examination. Therefore, it is paramount that students are diligent and focused during this year and the subsequent Fifth Form year.



  • Quadratics

  • Completing the Square

  • Simultaneous Equations


  • Graphs

  • Inverse Functions

  • Composite Functions


  • Sine Rule

  • Cosine Rule


  • Parallel Vectors

  • Collinearity

  • Vector Algebra


  • Inverse of a Matrix

  • Simultaneous Equations


  • Translations

  • Reflections

  • Rotations

  • Enlargements

  1. Adhere to the school's dress code.

  2. Listen to what the teacher says and follow directions carefully.

  3. Tell the truth. 

  4. Keep your language clean and appropriate.

    • Abusive language of no kind will be tolerated. Those who violate this rulle will receive a lunch time detention.​

  5. There is to be no eating or drinking while in class.

    • Students are permitted to freely drink water throughout class but they are advised to walk with a water bottle to avoid having to leave class multiple times. No mints, gum or food of any kind is allowed during class time. (Exceptions will be allowed in case of medical circumstances)​

  6. No garbage is to be left in the classroom.

    • Students will enter a clean learning environment and they are expected to leave it clean for other students. Those students who leave garbage in the classroom will receive a lunch time detention.​

  7. There is to be no marking of the school's property.

    • Any student who defaces the school's property will be required to clean it, if applicable, during their lunch time.​

  8. The use of cellphones is prohited without express consent from Mr Hunte.

    • ​All cellphones should remain in your bag during class. Under no circumstances should phones be used during class time otherwise, they will be kept on my desk until the end of class.

  9. Students are responsible for contacting me or a reliable classmate for notes and homework whenever they are absent from class.​​

    • Students are not permitted to use absence from school as a reason for not participating in class or taking notes. Though a student may have been absent the previous lesson they should still come to the next class with a basic understanding of what occurred the previous class(es). 

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