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Gift Cards

Oftentimes I am tasked with teaching the students who did not make it into the school's accelerated Mathematics program. Generally, Math is a struggle for my students and we have to work together to overcome past and present challenges.

This year (2022-2023) after patiently working with my students, I presented a challenge to them. The student who gained the highest score in the end of year exam would receive a $50 gift certificate. However, the score had to be 80% or more. Over the years, my students achieving an A in the end of year examination is as rare as a blue moon.

Quite impressively, three students unlocked the Pandora's box and scored over 80%. The $50 gift certificate for Olympus Theatres was awarded to Leila Archer but Serenity Millar and Adannah Farley also scored over 80%. They were awarded $25 gift cards to Sheraton Centre.

Well done to them all.


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