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Welcome to
Math with Mr Hunte

A wealth of resources to assist with Mathematical mastery.

JOIN the over 500 students have benefited from the available online resources since 2016.
The numbers speak for themselves.

Here's what you get access to when you sign up.

  • Every math resource that I have created. 

From First Form Mathematics all the way up to Limits and Continuity and advanced Trigonometry. Access to every lesson and practice material to ace your class.​

  • A system that is highly organised. 

Whether you are learning a concept for the first time, need assistance with homework or revising for a test there is a resource for you.​

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Watch as I explain concepts and solve various math problems like the ones that you will encounter in class and during tests. I aim to use the simplest and most understandable and reproducible solution method whenever possible. 

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The notes that are available are a great resource that can be downloaded and kept on your device for offline use. These can provide assitance with test prep or simply learning or reinforcing the basics. They can also be used as extra examples to supplement your class material.

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The best way to check your understanding of a concept is through practice. The hundreds of worksheets available offer the practice that is needed to develop your mathematical muscles to the fullest. 

An anonymous author once wrote, "Don't practise until you get it right, practise until you can't get it wrong." I fully endorse this and so should you.

Additional Resources ...

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Interactive Worksheets



Good Grades

Links to Exam Papers

and so much more.

What students say

"After completing CSEC Mathematics with a Grade 1, all A profile, I can say with confidence that Mr Hunte's website is a great contributing factor to my success. The website provided tools such as helpful instructional videos that showed me the way forward in each topic of CSEC level Mathematics. I particularly struggled with Matrices leading up to the examination. After watching Mr Hunte's videos, I felt empowered to tackle my mathematical fears. His website showed me that with time and a solid effort any possibility can be achieved."


These students didn't do anything that you are not capable of. They made the most of the available resources. They studied hard. They practised. They attained success.
So can you!!!

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